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About THL Audio Productions

Current Focus for 2019:

THL Audio Productions primary focus for 2019 is to record more sessions and find more musicians to record that are located in and around Cape May County, NJ and to preserve the history of local musicians. On location live recording has taken place primarily at The Dennis Township Museum & History Center for local musicians Al DiCicco and Sonny Purugganan to record two CD's. These musicians are recording to preserve their music, not to obtain monetary income, their CD's are being given away as a way of promoting their music. December 2018 recording session at the historic South Dennis UMC with an 8 person choir, Al DiCicco and a new talented vocalist Brigit. I encourage any and all musicians wanting to preserve their music to contact THL Audio Productions to discuss on location recording sessions.

A Little History:

As the owner of both Power Of Production Studio and THL Audio Productions, I have a history in audio that dates back over 25 years providing me with the experience necessary to utilize and adapt to the digital revolution but yet still have the analog experience to enhance it. Previously owning and running a live sound company with over $20,000 of large venue live sound equipment and being involved with audio has been and still is very much a part of my life.


THL Audio Productions News:

2018 brings a new and expanded service of "on location recording" to local musicians wishing to record a EP, CD, or demo. We have expanded our client base and offer new services while continuing to provide outstanding services to our loyal clients at competitive rates. Think you can't produce a pro quality recording or EP in your home studio? Think again!! It is such a great time for musicians with the technology available at reasonable prices. The gear does not matter as much as the talent and the will to record your music.

What THL Audio Productions Is:

THL Audio Productions, a division of "Power Of Production Studio" has the equipment necessary, and the experience, to handle most audio and video requirements necessary for web site development purposes & on location recording of up to 16 channels. We also have recorded pod casts and processed the audio for placement on a web site. We can configure the necessary scripts and software to run audio and video from your web site hosting account. We are experienced in promoting your web site and implementing a social networking presence that will enhance you as a band and/or independent artist. 2017 new service of "on location recording" now offered to all local musicians.


What THL Audio Productions Is Not:

THL Audio Productions IS NOT a recording studio. Unfortunately I do not live in a location that allows for a recording facility due to a major highway that endlessly injects noise that no amount of acoustical treatment or soundproofing can eliminate. Aside from the fact that high end studios are closing everywhere and that most musicians and independent artists have home recording capabilities, even on a limited budget, I just don't have the space available for a full on recording studio. Mobile recording services of up to 16 channels are available by appointment only!

What THL Audio Productions Can Do:

  • Pod casts & Video Casting
  • Audio for web site
  • On Location Mobile Recording
  • Artist promotion - web site
  • CD Production
  • EP Production
  • Video post production
  • Mixing & Mastering Service

What THL Audio Productions Can Not Do:

  • Match quality of World Class recording studio
  • Match quality of equipment in World Class studio
  • Make bad music sound good
  • Improve your skills and/or talent
  • Make you a Rock Star
  • Make something out of nothing
  • Make you a overnight success
  • Turn a bad recording into a good one


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THL Audio Productions ~ A division of "Power Of Production Studio" 2019